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16th August 2017Updated the document Church or Synagogue? in the downloads area.
21st October 2016Added the document Church or Synagogue? to the downloads area.
8th May 2016Incorporated the critique of 2 Thess.2:1-12 into the document Why Chronology?.
2nd May 2016Added a critique of the translation of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 and its relevance to antichrist.
12th March 2016Visitor counter removed because it referenced an external site which has ceased to function.
1st November 2015Updated version of the Revelation matrix
28th Sept 2015Added note about the year of founding of Rome
23rd Sept 2015Added Grattan Guinness letter to Dimbleby page
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15th August 2015Added eschatology section & Olivet Discourse + PDF
6th April 2015Inserted reference to the 2,520 years from 1st sack of Jerusalem
6th November 2013Removed note about fuzzy graphic, and corrected text about Nero
19th September 2013Note added about the Jubilee year 2017
1st September 2013"Questions for an evolutionist" page added
21st August 2013Document added on the Holy Communion
15th July 2013Document added on Believers' Baptism
11th May 2013Some typographic and arithmetic errors corrected.
19th April 2013Recorded History graphic added to Introduction
14th April 2013Page added on the 480th year in 1 Kings 6:1
8th April 2013Section added on Two Interesting Jubilees
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