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1. The Holy Bible, Authorised Version (King James), .txt zip file (1.3 Mb)---Plain text: pull it into your WP, then choose your font.

2. Anstey's "Romance of Bible Chronology Vol 1" .pdf file (1.5 Mb)---Scanned by R.H.Johnston, very lightly edited by Ian H Thain.

3. A Shortform Biblical Chronology---A4 double-sided PDF to print.

4. Dr J.B.Dimbleby's "All Past Time" .pdf file (63 Mb)---Scanned by the Australian National Library, to whom thanks are due.

5. Why Chronology? .pdf (1.11 Mb)---A 10-page document explaining some important reasons for getting Chronology right.

6. The Feasts of the Lord .pdf (50 kb)---An 8-page document examining the significance for today of the Biblical feasts of the Lord.

7. The Satanic Origins of Evolution .pdf (22 kb)---A single-page (d/s) A4 document on where the doctrine of evolution really came from.

8. Two Interesting Jubilees .pdf (220kb) ---A single-page (d/s) A4 document of significance to the nation of Israel

9. Believers' Baptism .pdf (15kb) ---A single-page (d/s) A4 document on What Happens In Baptism, and Why It Matters?.

10. Bread and Wine .pdf (15kb) ---A short (3-sides) A4 document on what happens in the Holy Communion.

11. Church or Synagogue? .pdf (78kb) ---A 16-page A4 document on The Church.

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