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Dr J.B.Dimbleby's "All Past Time" .pdf file (63Mb)---Scanned-in by the Australian National Library, to whom grateful thanks are due.

The above file is a .PDF of a scanned copy of Dimbleby's book which has not yet been through OCR. It is therefore a VERY long download, and I'm afraid that zipping it up reduces the file size only very slightly.

This hard-to-find book is worth reading however for its explanation of the seven-year lunar cycle of sabbaths, which I have not seen mentioned elsewhere, and learned men such as Dr Ethelbert Bullinger acknowledged their debt to Dr Dimbleby (great-grandfather of the late BBC broadcaster Richard Dimbleby). Others have been less complimentary!

However when it comes to the date of creation, the author unfortunately falls into the same trap as the evolutionists he so vigorously opposes, namely that of imputing to human and fallible scientific measurement an authority above that of Divinely revealed scripture. Unsurprisingly therefore he arrives at the wrong date.

Nevertheless his remarkable discovery of the seven-year sabbath cycle disposes at a stroke of the notion that the six days of creation may have been of any length other than our normal day of twenty-four hours, which finding completely demolishes the "Long YOM, Old Earth" theory and leaves the "Young Earth" in sole possession of the field.

Notwithstanding its many shortcomings therefore, I commend this book to the reader.

NB: But those on a slow net connection please beware the large size of this file! All the essential lunar sabbath data are summarised on a single page here and you are most welcome to download and save it using your browser's normal "save-this-page" facility. I wrote it and I have put it into the public domain. - IHT