The Seven-Year Lunar Cycle of Sabbath Days from Creation until Now

The first column on the left lists the months of the year. This is a pure lunar cycle so no intercalary months are required.
The second column lists the number of days in each of the months. This number alternates between 29 and 30 because the moon's period of orbit about the earth is 29.53 days.
The subsequent columns show the days of each month on which each seventh day fell.

In the 1st week of creation the seventh day fell, of course, on the 7th, so there is a 7 in that cell.
In the 2nd week from creation the seventh day fell on the 14th, so there is a 14 in that cell.
Likewise in the 3rd and 4th weeks from the day of creation the seventh days fell on the 21st and 28th.
In that first month there were 30 days, so after the fourth seventh day (on 28th) there were still 2 days to go before the new moon which marked the beginning of the second month.
So the first seventh day of the second month occurred on the 5th day of the second month, and the subsequent seventh days occurred on the 12th, 19th, and 26thdays.
In the second month there were just 29 days, so after the fourth seventh day on 26th there were 3 days remaining before the next new moon, which marked the beginning of the third month.
So the first seventh day of the third month occurred on the 4th day of the third month, and the subsequent seventh days occurred on the 11th, 18th, and 25thdays. And so on, until seven whole years have passed.

THEN.... and this is the really interesting fact .... the whole cycle repeats itself exactly!

Nobody can add an eighth year to the cycle because the eighth year is the first year all over again, and the complete seven-year cycle repeats itself, and has continued to repeat itself, from the first day of creation until the present day.

The significance of this cannot be over-stated. For this cycle demonstrates that,

The first week of creation consisted of seven days, each of them being the same 24-hour days that we have now, the moon itself continuing to chime the beginning of each new seven-year cycle right down to the present day.

Were it otherwise - had the first days of creation been long and extended periods of time - the whole cycle would have been broken. But no man can alter the moon's orbital period, and neither could anyone but God have invented or imposed a seven-year cycle of seventh days which is repeated by the moon to this very day with such majestic precision.

As the magicians of Egypt (Exodus 8:19) were forced to confess to Pharaoh, "This is the finger of God".

(NB: This cycle was first discovered by Dr.J.B.Dimbleby and documented in his book All Past Time published in about 1880. As the work is long out of copyright a scanned .PDF of it is available for free download from However, being a photo-scan the file size is large (63Mb) which is quite a long download, and even zipping it up has little effect on the size. It is hoped to OCR the book when time permits, but initial attempts indicate that a lot of corrections will be required. This is because modern OCR programmes do not handle nineteenth-century letterpress well, and especially so when parts of the book are tabulated.)

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