The 408th year of 1Kings 6:1 in which Solomon began to build the Temple
Initial year: 3,106
Text: And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.
(1 Kings 6:1)
Explanation: Some have been confused in their chronologies by the text of 1 Kings 6:1, whereby the fourth regnal year of King Solomon does not seem to correspond with the count of years from the exodus. The solution is simple. During the time when the judges ruled, Israel fell all too frequently into idolatry and God therefore gave them over into the hands of oppressors to teach them to honour Him alone. The depressing history is one of Oppression - Repentance - Cry unto God - He sends a Deliverer - Israel obey while the Deliverer remains alive - Then they fall back into Idolatry - So God sends another Oppressor, and the cycle repeats.

The years during which God was not honoured as King were simply ignored by Him when reckoning up the years of His Kingdom; as far as God is concerned those years were time so wasted as to be worthless and of no account, therefore they were not included in His count of years in 1 Kings 6:1.

God had disowned them.

The successive periods of Theocracy and Oppression (and one brief usurper) were as follows:-

The Cycles of Theocracy and Oppression
Rule First year AH Last year AH Calendar years Oppression years Character
The Land settled after Joshua 2560257313 Rest
Oppression by Chushanrishathaim 25732581 88 Oppression
Rest by Othniel 2581262140 Rest
Oppression by Eglon 262126391818 Oppression
Rest by Ehud 2639271980 Rest
Oppression by Jabin & Sisera 271927392020 Oppression
Rest by Barak & Deborah 2739277940 Rest
Oppression by Midian 27792786 77 Oppression
Gideon the Judge 2786282640 Judge
Abimelech the usurper 28262829 33 Usurpation
Tola the Judge 2829285223 Judge
Jair the Judge 2852287422 Judge
Oppression by Philistines & Ammonites287428921818 Oppression
Jephthah the Judge 28922898 6 Judge
Ibzan the Judge 28982905 7 Judge
Elon the Judge 2905291510 Judge
Abdon the Judge 29152923 8 Judge
Oppression by the Philistines 292329634040 Oppression
Eli the Judge 2963300340 Judge
Samuel the Prophet 3003302320 Prophet
King Saul 3023306340 Kingdom
King David 3063310340 Kingdom
Total years 543114

The exodus from Egypt was in the year 2513 AH.

Solomon became King of Israel upon the death of his father King David in 3103 AH.

The fourth year of his reign (an ordinal number) was therefore 3106 AH:

The first regnal years of King Solomon
Accession and 1st year 3103 AH
2nd year as king 3104 AH
3rd year as king 3105 AH
4th year as king 3106 AH

The calendar years between the exodus and the fourth of Solomon were: 3106 - 2513 = 593

Subtract the 114 years disowned by God: 593 - 114 = 479

Finally, add one year because we are dealing here with an ordinal number (the 480th year),
not a cardinal number (which would have been "year number 480") thus: 479 + 1 = 480,

and we have the 480th year of the Kingdom since the exodus from Egypt as stated in 1 Kings 6:1.

As always, the Hebrew scripture is entirely accurate.

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