The Chronology of the Bible

Absolute dating of the historical events described in scripture

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Daniel's Countdown - The Seventy Sevens

A Confirmation of the year of the Cross

Israel - Its past, present & future

Those few people who are genuinely interested in Biblical Chronology now have access here to a complete online Chronology derived wholly from scripture, without any reference at all to secular sources, and in which the derivation of each and every date is clearly shown. This feature enables the reader to compare the dates so obtained with those of other chronologies, and to decide for himself which is correct, for every chronology known to the author has differed from every other! Such disarray amongst Christians is deplorable, and it is hoped that by showing here the derivations of all the dates readers may have confidence in the results obtained, or at least be able to correct them.

This subject matter is admittedly controversial, and the author is very sensible of the strong feelings held by others, some of whom may have a very different view of things. However each man has to speak what he thinks and believes to be true. Let each be fully persuaded in his own mind, and allow to others the same freedom of thought and conscience as he asks for himself.